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Pheasant Shooting Season is Here!


The start of the official Pheasant shooting season is now only days away. Partridge and Grouse are well on into their season, game shooting guide brings you some useful tips and hints to focus your skills to make sure the beginning of your season starts with a real jolt.

Perhaps for you the summer has been relaxed, Wimbledon; Cricket and some time at the beach. But now it is time to put down your G & T and get cracking shooting clays. however the time has come to wake up and sharped you methods to turn you into a great shot.

Pheasant shooting season is now only days away
  • Make sure you well prepare well for your first day. Out. Do you have all the information?
  • What does the host expect clothing wise? What are you going to wear? Is this a formal event or an invitation to shoot with the syndicate and lunch at the pub?
  • Do you have enough cartridges, Remove the gun from its cabinet and get it a good service and clean, have this done by a professional.
  • Dedicate a bit of time to practice your gun mount at home, although you will no doubt have been to the clay ground this summer practice mounting your gun as a bird presents itself and holding the gun in the firing position while you call for a clay is not really the same thing. This is really important. If you wish to practice your tracking place one of those laser pointers that teacher use these days into the barrel and track along a line say between the ceiling and the wall. This really will get you in the zone for the coming pheasant shooting season.
Do not poach birds from your neighbour
  • shooting_pheasantOnce at the peg, find a spot where the ground is level. Get into your shooting stance and anticipate where the birds will come from. Where is the wind coming from and going to? You can bet the birds will head that way. Do you have a clear view? So you can ‘pick up’ the birds quickly. Where is the killing zone where you will be pointing the gun to fire? Where are your fellow guns and where will the beaters be towards the end of the drive. Does the peg look like you will have high birds or crossing birds.
  • Do not poach birds from your neighbour, how far away are they? Are there any pegs behind you? If so leave a few birds for them to dispatch. You will be thankful one day when it is your turn to be stood behind. Do not be too greed to tally up a big number.
  • Make sure all the birds around your peg are picked up.
  • If you bring your dog make sure it is under control and obeys orders.
  • Remember to move your feet moving your feet, you do not, nor should you act as if you are rooted on the spot. You must move your feet, as in all sports whether it is standing at the crease or knocking a ball back over the net require you to have clear movement so move to get into a great position to get that shot in.
it is time to put down your G & T and get cracking…


Why not introduce a friend to the sport? Invite friends to your regular shot and introduce them to the rest of your fellow shooters or syndicate. Friends and family shouldn’t don’t be left behind, after all the pheasant shooting season  is a community sport and event and is for everyone’s enjoyment. If your friends are new to the sport, book them a few shooting lessons or take them with you onto the beating line.


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