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Shooting Tips – Mike Yardley’s ‘Positive Shooting’ video


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Mike Yardley is one of the World’s best shotgun instructors. he has written 12 books relating to shooting; shooting tips, shotguns and related topics. He writes in most shooting magazines regularly and hold NSA; NSRA and CPSA shooting instructor certificates. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and has a psychology degree, conducting post-graduate research or terrorism and direct action.

Mike is a, shooting instructor, a hunter and is well known as a sporting journalist. He has written and broadcast regarding shooting sports, shooting tips and all manner of articles on the topic of guns and their use.

‘Positive Shooting’ is a best seller in shooting circles and is a real page turner.

Mike’s techniques and shooting tips are solid facts and advice is given in a clear methodical fashion. Mike has developed over the years a method to instill discipline into his students so that they go through the same process with all their shots. His book ‘Positive Shooting’ is a best seller in shooting circles and is a real page turner.


In this video Mike covers a number of shooting tips and ‘taking the shot’ he goes back to basics and allows you to build on that firm base. eventually leading to develop a technique of your own. Mike’s shooting tips are nothing short of excellent.

Although Mike shown here is shooting clays his techniques are just as valid when shooting pheasants or other game birds.