Pheasant Stew With Sweetcorn and Rice

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Pheasant stew with Sweetcorn

A little recipe with some cover crop to see you through a winter’s day.

You will need:

Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, pheasant, bacon, risotto rice, chicken stock, diced onion, chopped garlic, olive oil, sweetcorn, sherry, parsley, chopped butter, lemon.

Roast pheasant, and then shred the both  the game and the bacon. Leave meat to cool.

Chicken stock (1 pint) either stock cubes or bouillon. Set aside with meat.

Heat oil in a  pan. Add onion and garlic.Heat for five minutes, now add rice, stir to coat in oil. Sear and add sherry. Simmer off  excess liquid.

Add 1/2 the stock, heat until absorbed. Add mushrooms, 1 cup of sweetcorn and squeeze in 1/2 lemon. Simmer until liquid goes and let  rice soften.

Add the meat, butter and Parmesan allow 5 minute of heat then, mix in chopped parsley and serve pheasant stew while hot.