10 Fantastic Pheasant Breast Recipes You Absolutely Have to Try This Season

The  Pheasant Shooting Season is here and that mean delicious Pheasant Breast for the Table. Here is the recipe Roundup for this Season.

1) Pheasant Breast wrapped in Prosciutto

Just adding Bacon and sloe gin makes this a go to meal. Get the recipe: William Powell Country


2) Smoked Pheasant breast

Dax Phillips has a great little recipe for Smoked pheasant on his ‘simple comfort food’ site

 Smoked Comfort Food


3) Tasty Fried Pheasant Breast

‘The Provident Woman’ has this great dish which make our mouth water just reading it!

Bite-sized pheasant dipped in pancake batter



4) Roast Pheasant with Ricotta & Parma ham

The BBC’s have come up with this Delicious Sunday Meal Perfect for that Family get Together.



5) Pot-roast pheasant with Chorizo, Butter Beans and Parsley

Pot-Roasted Pheasant, with  rich Chorizo to provide a little fat and some extra flavour.





6)’s Braised Pheasant Recipe. Put into your crock pot, place pheasant breast over vegetables, top the meat off with bacon and pour broth and sherry over all!


Braised Pheasant with Curly Kale -Photographed on Hasselblad H1-22mb Camera


7) Red Wine Braised Pheasant A flavour-some mixture of Pheasant and Pancetta with onions, garlic and Porcini Mushrooms with red wine all topped off with Polenta.




8) Citrus Rosemary Roast Pheasant Juicy game meat with Orange and Rosemary. Roasted in Butter until it is crisp and Golden Brown.



9) Roast Pheasant with Grapes and Sweetheart Cabbage Crushed Garlic and Thyme with Grapes and Stock.



10)Favorite Roast Pheasant in Vegetables; Orange, Thyme and Madeira with Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding.



We hope that these Pheasant Beast Winter Warmers from all over the World will get you through a few winter’s evenings Savouring the Flavour of this years Pheasant Breasts.